Oil and Powder Glossary

This is a basic list to help guide you in the uses of the various oils I sell

* available only as an oil.
# available only as a powder.
No symbol indicates it is available in both oil and powder form.

Abremelin - to cause spirits to do your bidding
*All night long - Inspires passion
*Anointing - For anointing candles, people, and objects
Attraction - brings the good things in life
#Algiers Attraction - Ignites passion in the opposite sex
*Aries - blend for Aries sign
*Aquarius- blend for Aquarius sign
#Ancient Wisdom - Helps clarify muddled thinking
#As You Please - Causes a lover to return to you, makes others do your bidding
#Aunt Anna Wishbone - makes dreams and wishes come true
#Bend Over - makes others do your bidding, breaks hexes
#Beneficial Dream - makes dreams come true, aids clairvoyance
Black Arts - For laying hexes and karmic justice
#Boss Fix - Makes your supervisors and coworkers treat you with respect
#Blessed - to purify and attract good spirits and Lwas
*Balm of Gilead - spiritual and physical healing
Bible - use while studying sacred writings to give greater insight into their meaning
*Black Cat - Calls the spirits and Lwas to you
*Come to Me Drops - very strong potion to attract and win over a potential lover
Commanding - To get someone to do what you wish against their will
*Court - helps you dominate in legal matters
*Controlling - gains power over your lover
*Cancer - blend for Cancer signs
*Capricorn - blend for Capricorn signs
*Cleopatra - an aphrodisiac
Crucible of Courage - grants courage to those that are timid
#Confusion - confuses those who would put a hex on you, breaks newly placed hexes
#Delight - forces a lover's inhibitions to leave
Dragon's Blood - Cause evil to return from whence it came
#Draw Across - Increases magnetism, cause friendships to develop
#Draw Back - restrains others from hexing you
#Drawing - attracts good luck and assistance from the Lwas
Domination - to gain complete control over someone
*Exorcism - to drive away evil and unwanted spirits
*Earth - blend for Earth signs and Earth magick
*Ending - to help end bad luck streaks and bad love affairs
*Evil Eye Perfume - long term protection from evil spells and hexes
#Easy Life - allows you to relax while others do your work, a mild domination blend
#Easy Wrath - eliminates animosity in those that are angry with you
#Envy and Jealousy - Eases feelings of jealousy
Fast Luck - to bring back your good luck after removing a hex, keeps luck strong
#Fiery wall - protects against rebound of hexes
#French Love - increases psychic powers and helps to recall dreams
Gambler's Luck - increases your luck in games of chance
*Gemini - blend for Gemini signs
# Go Away Hot Foot-makes unwanted people go away and stay away
#Goofer Dust - for hexing purposes
#Graveyard dust - for hexing purposes
#Gris Gris - adds power to other magickal works
#Goddess of Love-brings out total animal instincts in those you desire
#Green - for lonely men seeking female companionship
#Holy Spirit - used for dressing candles and the altar
*High John the Conqueror - brings strong good luck, prestige and wealth.Worn by men it is a strong aphrodisiac on women.
*Holy - for dressing candles before Vodun ceremonies
Jinx-Removing - to lift a hex
*Jockey Club - only used to break hexes
*Jupiter - for magick and persons connected to Jupiter
#Jamaican Bush - used in a bath to bring good luck while gambling or investing
Keep Away (Enemies) - to make those who would physically harm you at bay
#Kyoto - helps overcome illness and bad luck. Creates a more positive attitude
*King David - for power and influence over others
*Leo - blend for Leo signs
Love Draw - to bring loving feelings into your life and influence a mate to commit to you
*Love Passion #9 - Scully Elly's own formula, makes you irresistible. Due to the threat of a lawsuit because a company trademarked the name Love Potion #9 this potion’s name has been changed to Love Passion #9. It is the same formula, only the name has changed.
*Lucky 9 - to keep your good luck strong
Love Breaker - to break up a relationship
*Libra - blend for Libra signs
Lucky Lodestone - develops good fortune and changes bad luck to good
#Luck Around Business - brings an increase in business
#Lost and Away - gets rid of unwanted people
Money Draw - attracts money
#Musk Love - sexual attractant
*Magnet - attracts wealth and success in all endeavors
*Meditation - forms serenity to aid in meditation and magick
*Moon Sign - blend for Moon signs
*Moon - for Moon magick
*Mercury - for magick and people connected to Mercury
*Mars - for magick and people connected to Mars
*Neptune - for magick and people connected to Neptune
Obeah - used to bless churches and Vodun rooms
#Orange - causes a lover to come to you within 7 days. Increases the possibility of a wedding
*Oshun - attributes of the Santeria God Oshun
*Ouanga - to increase magickal charms
*Personal Blessing - to anoint self and others before magick
*Power - to give one power over others
*Protection - to give protection from physical harm
*Pisces - blend for Pisces signs
*Pluto - blend for magick and persons connected to Pluto
Peaceful Home - to keep to atmosphere of the home peaceful
#Peace - to achieve peaceful conditions
# Prosperity - to gain prosperity
#Psychic - use when invoking spiritual or magickal powers
#Quieting - to relieve tension and soothe the nerves
#Quitting - makes married members of the opposite sex leave you alone
Road Opener - to open the channels between the physical and spirit worlds
*Reconciliation - to relieve feelings of animosity
*Rhythm Oil - To help improve rhythm in all music but best for drums
Seven African Powers - for calling and honoring the 7 African Powers
*Spell Breaker - to lift or undo a spell
*Spirit call - for calling the spirits and Lwas
*San Cipriano - for reconciliation
*Spiritual Blessing - for use in a bath to help heal and purify the spirit or soul
*Success - To gain success in any undertaking
*Scorpio - blend for Scorpio signs
*Sagittarius - blend for Sagittarius signs
*Sun - blend for magick and persons connected to the sun
*Saturn - blend for magick and persons connected to Saturn
*Spirits Guide - assists in communication between deceased relatives and friends
#Satan Be Gone - for hex removing and exorcism, can have strange, but harmless psychic affects
#Separation - breaks business and love relationships
#Shoestring Root - protects the inhabitants of a home against death
#Thrifty - causes others to spend money on you
#Twisting - causes the harm others are doing to you to return to them
*Taurus - blend for Taurus signs
Uncrossing - to lift a hex
*Uranus - blend for magick and persons connected to Uranus
Van Van - a traditional New Orleans blend used to turn bad luck to good, drive away evil and keep a peaceful household
#Vesta - brings the good forces to rituals and ceremonies, drives away evil spirits
#Voodoo (Vodun) - for use when making sacrifices to ease the restless spirits
*Voodoo Blessing (Marie Laveau) - Marie Laveau's recipe for purifying the home, body and soul
*Virgo - a blend for Virgo signs
*Venus - for magick and persons connected to Venus. Also a good sexual drawing oil
*Wanga - for increasing magickal charms
#War - to cause upheaval and arguments in a home
#Wear Away - a mild hexing powder used to teach someone a lesson, wears off quickly
XX - for hexing
#Zawba - creates dissension between friends and lovers
Zonka - strong blend for breaking hexes and evil spells

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