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On a personal note; Scully Elly will not under any circumstances perform or sell spells of a negative or evil nature. This includes curses, spells to make someone ill or cause them harm and spells that force another person against their will to do your bidding. I do sell many of the items someone may need to do these types of spells along with many books that cover these topics, but expect nor ask any help from me. You will not get it. Vodou, contrary to popular belief, is not about curses. It is a beautiful and pure religion with a lot of power that some choose to abuse. I do not practice magick or religion with "the left hand". My purpose is to help and heal others, to make life better for everyone. I do welcome all who wish to send me a picture of themself ( or the person they want help for) and a short note informing me of the type of blessings ( if any) you want. These pictures are placed in my altar and the people represented are added to my daily prayers. There is no charge for being added to my prayers so if this suits you, take advantage of it.

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The Sound of Building Coffins
by Louis Maistros

Signed copies available exclusively on the net here at Louie’s Juke Joint, just click this link to order!


"Louis Maistros has written a lyrical, complex, and brave novel that takes enormous risks and pulls them all off. He is a writer to watch and keep reading, a writer to cherish."
Peter Straub

"The Society of North American Magic Realists welcomes its newest, most dazzling member, Louis Maistros. His debut novel is a thing of wonder, unlike anything in our literature. It startles. It stuns. It stupefies. No novel since CONFEDERACY OF DUNCES has done such justice to New Orleans. If Franz Kafka had been able to write like Peter Straub, this might have been the result."
Donald Harington,
Winner of the Robert Penn Warren Award and the Oxford-American Lifetime Achievement Award.

“The Sound of Building Coffins is easily one of the finest and truest pieces of New Orleans fiction I've ever read.”
- Poppy Z. Brite

“One has to write with considerable authenticity to pull off a story steeped in magic and swamp water that examines race and class, death and rebirth, Haitian voodoo, and the beginnings of jazz in 1891 New Orleans...The plot is complex and magical, grounded in the history of the city, without being overly sentimental. There is a comfort with death as a part of life in this work that reveals deep feeling for the city and its past....Highly recommended for all fiction collections, especially where there is an interest in jazz."
- Library Journal

Signed copies available exclusively on the net here at Louie’s Juke Joint, just click this link to order!

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